Basheer Album Support Package Pre-Order
Basheer Album Support Package Pre-Order

Basheer Album Support Package Pre-Order

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Have you ever been able to say You personally helped and was apart of an artist success story? The good saying “As I rise so shall we” is ever more prevalent in the case. 

This pre order package is more than just an exclusive package, this is buying into history and investing into the countless unseen hours of time energy love sweat and tears. The cost of producers the engineers and ultimately a freedom of mind space and clarity. To be honest this packages clears up so much mental clutter for me that in turn it allows me to provide more powerful information, music and vibration for you. 

It’s time we join together as a people to build one another through the many different healing forms. 
in this case it’s MUSIC.

Your energy aka currency is valued here, everyone that receives this package will be etching your spirit into my first ever ALBUM, You will be the first to have exclusive offers, invites to shows, first to actually listen and hear the Album itself, and so much more. 

This is an investment into your spirit, something that cannot be quantified by any material measure. 
let’s Grow, Win, and Prosper together -
Basheer CEO of OMITU. 

Packages start at



RUBY - This includes exclusive access to 

- EARLY ACCESS 1 Week prior to official release.
- 2 Exclusive Songs
- Exclusive Crystal Necklace

- Private Listening Party Invite 

Diamond Package only 15

- All in the first package + Name engraved into the artwork And be forever immortalized! 

- 3! Bonus Tracks

Platinum Package only 10 Available! 
All in the first two packages 

- 4 BONUS TRACKS “Exclusive Songs”
- Exclusive OMITU VEST

- “VIYNL” 

- Personal phone call and FaceTime 

7% percent extra discount on OMITU Products for life. 

NOTE: This is an investment and time must be put in to finishing this project it may take a few more months or less to get this finish. But we are certain with the help of these packages everything can be expedited very quickly! 🤎